Yoga for Body and Mind

These classes put equal emphasis on mind and body. Our Western understanding of yoga often means that there is an over emphasis on the physical aspects of the practice, with a 'no pain, no gain' attitude often taking hold. These hour and a quarter-long classes aim to counteract this tendency, balancing physical work with breathing exercises and relaxation techniques that gradually unwind and de-stress over-active, information-saturated minds.

Poses, Breathwork, Mudras (Yoga for your hands), Meditation and Relaxation will all be component parts of the experience and since mental wellbeing is a special focus, expect to hear planty about the Vagus Nerve.

A special feature of this class is the 'Sound Bath' relaxation that uses music with healing frequencies that deeply resonate with body and mind. These 'sound baths' are accompanied by guided yoga nidra, colour/chakra awareness or visualizations. Who doesn't need a little dose of vitamin 'bliss'?

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