Chair to Mat Yoga

In the belief that yoga could be potentially transformative for anyone, these gentle and accommodating classes aim to be accessible to people of all levels of mobility.
Chair yoga classes allow you to strenghten your body and release built up tension through modified poses where you reap the benefits of yoga even if you believe that yoga-on-the-mat is beyond your current ability.
Many of us spend endless hours seated in chairs. Although we often resign ourselves to a sedentary life style with its attendant ailments, chair yoga teaches you to unlock the vast potential for movement while still seated. 
Although these classes will often start seated in a chair, that chair often becomes a prop for standing poses. Once strength and confidence are built up, expect the chair to be set aside later in the class! As always, relaxation is the blissful closing to the session. 
These sessions can be used as a gentle, healing practice for Fibromyalgia, MS, Cancer patients etc.