Gentle Yoga for Healing

In the belief that yoga could be potentially transformative for anyone, these gentle and accommodating classes aim to be accessible to people of all levels of mobility and stamina. Make sure to call ahead and discuss you individual health needs and private classes are also available as an initial way to best assess your needs.

These yoga classes will use props such as bolsters, cushions and chairs to allow you to strengthen your body and release built-up tension through modified poses where you reap the benefits of yoga even if you believe that conventional yoga is beyond your current ability.

Breathing exercises and guided relaxations are integral to these classes, and are used to unwind at the classes' opening and again as a blissful closing to the session.

Although these classes might occassionally involve chairs, please don't imagine it will be an exclusively seated 'chair yoga' class. Although some 'chair yoga' poses might feature, that chair often becomes a prop for standing and lying poses. Once strength and confidence are built up, expect the chair to be entirely set aside! 

To date, these sessions have been taught as a gentle, healing practice for older people, Fibromyalgia, MS, Cancer patients etc.