Positive Birth 


by Maria Coleman, Sept 2017

Its been a long held ambition to work in the field of pregnancy and birth and as a newly qualified Prenatal /Birthing /Postnatal yoga specialist, I have a few plans afoot to get started on the road. I am currently in the process of setting up a positive birth web presence through Facebook *and a website on www.positivebirth.ie 

My aim is to create a space for information and education as well as a place where prospective clients can find service providers in their locality.

Unlike other areas of the country, Donegal has no mid-wife lead scheme. Neither does the HSE have any provision to support homebirth in the county. In the belief that birth is over medicalised, I navigated my way through the system to have my first child in Letterkenny hospital using yoga and hypnobirthing in 2008 and my second in 2014.

I believe the greatest barrier to a positive birth experience is fear and I know that information and preparation can change fear into empowerment.

Here are some links to the unfolding project. I would love to hear from pregnant mothers, women who want to share their birth stories to help others navigate the route ahead, or service providers who can help a woman or couple through the process from conception to birth and beyond.

LÁMHA: Life Affirming Mental Health Action, the mental wellness initative I co-founded with Linda Uí Ghallchóir, will run a Maternal Wellness event in 2018. Watch this space.
Positive Birth Donegal on Facebook *(Liking and Sharing is 'digital caring' !!!)
Draft Positive Birth website ( site under construction)
Yoga Couples Birth Retreats
Birth Story