Pregnancy, Birth, Postnatal Yoga

Pregnancy /Birth /Postnatal Yoga classes and workshops available in Dungloe, Co. Donegal.
Cois Locha Wellbeing Hub, Dungloe (€35 private class, €20pp for 2/3 friends, €15 group class)
Active Birth Workshops/ Partner Workshops also available from €35 in a group or €50 /couple
incl. refreshments. Enquiries: 0879667142

Yoga is an incredibly powerful tool to help a mother's body comfortably adjust to the accelerated changes experienced during pregnancy, as well as prepare for the physical challenges of the birthing process. Yoga's holistic approach, comprising physical exercises, breathing, meditation and relaxation practices leaves it uniquely placed to nourish both mother and baby's physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as they journey towards birthing.
Yoga also provides a tool-kit full of resources to empower mothers-to-be (and their partners) to create the positive birth experience themselves and their babies so richly deserve, while also paving the way towards full postnatal recovery.
It can also be a way to involve your partner, teaching important physical and emotional skills to bring to the birth room.

Maria is the Co. Donegal representative for the global Positive Birth Movement (PBM)

Listings for FREE PBM meetings in Donegal in 2019:

Click the image above to read an article about Maria bring the Positive Birth Movement to Donegal.…/epis…/c0f99e1a/episode-2-donegal…/epis…/c0f99e1a/episode-2-donegal

Click the images above to  hear a podcast featuring Maria Coleman, Bernie Frain and Emily McElarney discussing their hopes for improved birth experiences  in Co. Donegal

If you have already reserved your mat for pregnancy yoga by phone/email/social media and have received a confirmation reply, please fill in this survey to save precious time doing so at class. CLICK HERE TO FILL IN QUESTIONNAIRE

Maria Coleman is a Registered Prenatal, Birthing and Postnatal Yoga Specialist. As well as the Pregnancy Yoga workshops she also runs Yoga Retreats through Donegal Yoga Retreats, collaborating with Iain Miller of Unique Ascent to run Yoga & Adventure Retreats. In the near future she aims to run a couples Pregnancy Yoga and Adventure Retreat  with yoga and holistic treatments for the mothers-to-be while the fathers-to-be have a rock or mountain climbing adventure. The final half-day features a joint yoga birth preparation workshop. Register your interest with comhcheol(at)
Watch this page for details:

Maria is passionate about positive birthing, and used yoga and hypnobirthing during her pregnancy and for the birth of her two children.
(Read her first birth story here.)

The website is also being developed as an information resource for mothers-to-be in Co. Donegal, as well as a place to find birth-related services in the area.

The international Positive Birth Movement is also coming to Donegal (with the first ever PBM meeting running in the Cois Locha Community Wellbeing Hub on July 7th 2018). These are free to attend meetings aimed at supporting expectant parents and spreading positivity about birth. Facilitated on a voluntary basis by Maria Coleman  these FREE meetings could potentially run in any part of the county if there is sufficient interest. Let's get the birth positivity flowing !!!

The PBM is much needed in the birth-choice environment in Co. Donegal, where the county is exceptional by not having an opportunity of support for home birth.  Cesarean rates are also exceptionally high n the county.

Check out  regular posts of up-beat information regarding conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum on the FB page @positivebirthdonegal

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